Terms and Conditions

Please note that contracts signed with clients will follow the below mentioned terms and conditions alongside any other special conditions if any that will be notified in the personal email from my end.

We provide bridal services that may last a day or in continuum and the package for the same follows accordingly. We provide hair styling, make up HD brush/ airbrush, draping and eyelash and nail paint applications that are covered in our regular bridal package. Clients can have the tailored or the direct version of these services according to their wishes.

Any look that appeases you will be granted and the prices shall vary accordingly. For email or telephone consultancy that comes complimentary with the bridal package, you can even send us your selfie to have an early anticipation of a glamorous look involving our  suggestion.

We uphold the honour of your contract and its validation untill the very end of delivery of our services. Updated rates only apply to fresh booking. For that please take fresh look at our packages that we update oftentimes.

Monetry business/Deposits: 
To confirm your booking, you must transfer the 50% of the non refundable package amount three days following the date of enquiry about the services you seek which can be paid in cash, bank transfer/ PayPal services.

Incase no payment is received on the third day, the booked day will be let free for new bookings and the same procedure will follow. The remaining 50% will have to be completely paid on the first day of the makeup before the makeups starts (any number of days.) 

The makeup will not proceed or start if the complete payment is not done on the above stated time under any circumstances. 
Last minute booking(of 14 days or less) can only be confirmed by the full payment of package charges.

Waiting and changes : 
If the artist or Pooja Bhandari is made to wait for above 20 minutes (under any circumstances)then per half an hour of wait time is subjected to 2500 Rs as waiting charge. 
If the schedule of the artist or Pooja Bhandari is hampered due to clients additional demand or because of their waiting  then they are liable to pay the complete amount of the next booking + the refund  for the next booking. 

Makeups involving Pooja Bhandari for longer duration should include a light snack. 
Client Welfare and Liability
We use sanitized brushes and qualitative make up products that are skin friendly. In case of skin allergies or any other skin condition, prior enlightenment has to be done by the client to the artist. As such the client has to be responsible for the after effects of any mishap God forbid that may happen due to ignorance about their skin reactions.
Client(s) has to agree to relieve the apprehensions of any charges upon the artist or  


Pooja Bhandari for any mishap.
The make up artist hold utmost choice in accepting or rejecting any booking and she cannot be held accountable for that.

The average time period required for any glamour look can vary and there’s is no minimum or maximum time guaranteed . The time taken by the artist is solely dependant on the artist. Incase the artist reaches venue post their given time even then the artist or Pooja Bhandari is capable of doing the makeup under pressure or limited time and the client cannot demand cancellation before their “time to be ready” is passed by 30 minutes to 1 hour. 
For any special additions and highlights, it is utter Pooja Bhandari discretion to enhance any time frame to provide the satisfactory service to the bride.
Clients are implied to maintain their visit in the stipulated time since the artist is herself a busy person who has to travel to adhere to her other bookings. Make up services under one booking for multiple people will be delivered at the same spot consecutively.
Trial Make Up:
Services such as trial makeup or paid trial make up aren't provided. For more insight into the artist's work, look up her name on the Instagram and on her YouTube channels.
Travel Expenses
For locations within Delhi travel charges are exempted.
For outside Delhi, travel charges are additional  and mode for travel will be as per Pooja Bhandari’s preference. 

Satisfaction level
Of course we deliver to our utmost efficiency and your complete satisfaction in the contracted period. For additional requirements from the bride herself, the additional charges will apply.

Any complaint about the makeup will only be entertained in the form of mail or WhatsApp on the same date of occasion. No complain post the day of the event will be entertained or given any clarification to. 

The term “I don’t like the makeup” or related are not accepted to any clarification or refund as there is no limit to satisfaction or dissatisfaction. 
Any changes in the makeup to attain satisfaction should be  asked to do on the spot. If the makeup artist leaves the venue no changes will be entertained. 
If the artist or Pooja Bhandari leaves the venue without any written (WhatsApp or email) to the official number or email address then it will be considered as an satisfied makeup.